Ages 12+

2-4 Players

Under 30 Minutes
Take Care Of The Cat is a twist on the traditional memory matching card game with a hidden cat agenda that is revealed once the matching has been completed. Designed for two to four players that love cats and the games they play with us.
The objective is to take care of the cat's wants and needs. To achieve this, the game is played out just like traditional memory matching card games where you are trying to make as many matches as possible. The twist is, the matches only count at the end if it is one of the items on the Goal Card that is revealed showing what the cat is interested in. Just like a real cat, what they are interested in will change from day to day and game to game.

The Great Wall Of Backers

The following people made this game and many more possible:

Brad Andrews


Nick "PEZ" Coungeris

Travis Henning

K.A. Liddick

Tim Mirkes

None At This Time

Lauren O'Connell


Sabine Roemer

Mrs. Melissa Lilley Wilbanks