We are happy to support all sorts of Kickstarter projects and this page is where you can learn more about our backing history. Funded or unfunded we care about backing up new creative ideas and creating a better world where all of our crazy dreams can come true.                 

Glad to support this project in it's second phase. This film is all about a zombie cat invasion... do I need to even go on? I think you should check it out and become a backer today. Support this project and get your DVD! 

Funded Projects:

Bring Back MST3K

One of the best shows of all time.

CatTube Famous

We really can't get enough cat games. This was a nice looking project from outside of the U.S.. Get your copy today!

Exploding Kittens

We backed this project not because they needed the money but because it was a cute idea. We love cats.

Zombie Cats From Mars

This project looked awesome and we already have our own Martian cat so we just had to back this project. This project was successfully funded and we look forward to watching the finished product! Check out there website for more information.

Cat Supreme

This is exactly the kind of project Harley would like to get going. We like supporting these kind of projects. 

Update: We received the shirt! It's pretty sweet... check it out!

Medusa Brewing Company

The second attempt to back a local brewery on KIckstarter. This one actually is going to happen! Looking forward to trying out their line of beer whenever the taproom is open to the public. Kickstarter  Check them out medusabrewing.com

Silber Mini-Comics

This seemed like a pretty unique art project we are glad to support this Kickstarter. You should check these little books out!  silbermedia.com

Update: We received the sample copies and these things are really something else. I really want to try out a few of the other ones they make. I suggest checking these out.

The CoatHook -the Undercoat-Only Pet Comb (product design)

We love our pets and we want only the best for them as far as grooming products go. New inventions like this will work wonders on those furry ones in our lives. We were glad to see this project become a success and look forward to using it for the first time. Check out their website where Harley and Phoebe will have photos up.  

Update: We did finally get this...

Grail To The Thief: An Interactive Audio Adventure (video games)

A video game for the blind and visually impaired. A great idea, there should be more like this. We are proud to support this project!

Check out the For All To Play website for more information.

Update: This project has completed!

Night Detective (video games)

The next video game from the guys that brought us the Balloon game!

Update: Finished? 

Dicke Katze & Friends Fat Cat Plush (Crafts)

Plush Fat Cats

“Dicke Katze” (roughly German for “Fat Cats”)

 Dicke Katz


Update: Project complete. Now available in many locations.

Check out where you can get your Dicke Katze with this locator

Our thanks for taking part in the creation of Dick Katze!

Update: It doesn't seem to be available in our local store anymore :( 

Death Road To Canada - Permadeath Road Trip Simulator (video games)

Video game about a road trip to Canada and zombies


Update: Coming along

A Day At The Dog Park - An Education On dog Etiquette (children's book)

A children's book about playing safely with dogs.

Update: The book is being sold on Amazon right now!

Buy the book now on Amazon!

The Tale Of The Traveling Jalapenos (children's book)

A children's book all about a few peppers and a tomato.

 The Tale of the Traveling Jalapenos 

Update: Project complete. The book is being sold on Amazon right now!

Journey Of A Special Average Balloon (video game)

A video game all about a balloon on a journey.



Update: Completed and out for sale!

Mei Mei Street Kitchen Opens A Green Restaurant (food)

Chinese-America Restaurant


Update: Open for business and we have already stopped by for some amazing food! 

Update: This place is getting better and better. I can't wait to get out there again!

City Quest (video game)

Point And Click PC Game

Paul Alcantara will be a random character that will appear at some point in the game and It may just be a bit unflattering. 


Update: This project is coming along well. A few pics of NPC have been released and one of these little guys could just be Paul Alcantara!

Update: Still in progress...

Intended Use (film)

An animated short film with a unique idea.
Update: Project complete. Making the rounds at several festivals. DVD copy coming soon.
Officially an award winner! 
Update: Never received a DVD and I'm beginning to think I never will. Oh well. It's a very cool animated project that has been lost... If only someone would pick this up and run with it. 

Werewolf (tabletop game)

A card game from the makers of Cards Againsts Humanity. 

Update: Project complete.

 photo 20140223_224230_zpsdkjxrdlc.gif

: ( Projects With Unsuccessful Funding:

Cella: Redefine Urban Nature

Urban gardens are a great concept for a more green future. Cella is just the kind of product that can provide the missing aspect of nature into the cities we live in. We supported this project but unfortunately it didn't get funded. Check out their website


Be A Part Of Tha Jist's Debut Album! (hip-hop)


Down The Road Brewery (food)

Ocean Energy Turbine - Limitless Clean Renewable Energy

Time to take the steps towards more clean renewable energy. The future is ours to shape and inventions like this are exactly what we need to move in the right direction. I supported this project but it was unsuccessful in it's funding efforts. Check out their website

Funding The 350 Foot Long Historical Mural By Ian Gaudreau (public art)

Oh sure, I had some thoughts about funding at the $500 level to have my face painted on a wall in Mansfield, Massachusetts, for all to see. Sure, I had those thoughts. They were crazy thoughts. The thoughts of a mad man. No, I couldn't possibly justify spending that much on something just to show off my mustache. It would have been awesome.

Fat Cat (video game)


Sorry to see this didn't get funded. It really reminded me of Harley and his space travels. 

Sunny Side Up Drama: Summer Productions

The Only Black Family On The Titanic (nonfiction) 


Dog Powered Beer Cart (Product Design)

The future of the cart is uncertain...